The overarching mission of the Disaster Medicine Project is simple.

Connecting communities to help support those who protect us...

DMP is partnered with Disaster Readiness International and Operation Military Family to provide disaster training and support services while creating a systematic approach to response and casualty management.

We recognized through disaster experience, exercise participation and countless after-action reports that in the aftermath's devastation of major disaster, neighborhoods and hospitals will need immediate help. Traditional response personnel and resources will be stretched thin and unable to meet the needs for days or even weeks. Communities will be on their own. 

Who will be there in the first 96 hours? - The DMP.


Most people think… when major disaster strikes, help is just a 9-1-1 phone call away. The reality is that no one will answer and no one is coming. Resources and response personnel will be stretched thin. We asked - Why not be ready as a whole community to assist one another knowing we have equipped, willing and trained volunteer teams ready to assist and support until help arrives?

Past events have shown more lives are saved, economies recover faster and the impact is less devastating in caring communities working alongside networks of dependable Rapid Response Team systems like the DMP. 

Disaster Medicine Project is proud to partner with

Operation Military Family -Cares